Advanced technology !


A heat pump captures the heat available in the free air outside and throws it in the building. With this principle, the heat pump can get reach yields up to 600% !

Samsung heat pumps are equipped with the latest technologies, with 1 kW of electrical energy, they produce 3 to 5.5 kW heating. The average seasonal performance factor of Samsung heat pumps is 4.

Heating with a heat pump is two times cheaper than gas or oil and four times cheaper than electric heating !

Comfort guaranteed !

Our heat pumps are equipped with " Smart Inverter technology." This technology allows the heat pump to adjust heat output on demand so that energy consumption is minimized . Samsung heat pumps are extremely economical.


A heat pump maintains the temperature at a constant and ideal level. Samsung heat pumps are equipped with an " Inverter " system that allows the compressor to circulate without levels and thus regulate the power intelligently. Samsung heat pump provides comfort :

  • No need to store your fuel
  • Phased payment of your consumption
  • Stable price during the year
  • Reversible: climates your home in the summer (for air- models only)
  • Turn on and turn off your pump with your smartphone

Cleanse the air in your home


The Samsung heat pump dehumidify the air to give reach the ideal humidity level. Harmful substances - such as dust , pollen , smoke and bacteria are filtered by the heat pump filters.

A heat pump can also operate in single ventilation. Polluted indoor air is replaced by clean air , without the addition of heat or cold. With their intelligent blower Samsung heat pumps does not create unpleasant drafts .



The European Union has identified heat pumps as renewable energy products . The installation of an air - water heat pump or a thermodynamic boiler is rewarded by an incentive from the Region Wallone!