Industrial in Belgium

Facilities over 10kVA are subject to preliminary analyzes: connection request, detailed study of the grid manager, energy audit, analysis of the bearing structure, analysis to the wind ... These installations are controlled: electrical reception performed by an approved agency and reception in order to obtain a certificate of guarantee of origin. These approaches with the different organizations (auditors, grid manager, receivers, CWAPE, ...) are performed by Solar-Tech.


Facilities over 10kVA receive green certificates

  • The first 5 kWp entitle 7 CV / MWh of green electricity (about 1 CV each time the system produce 143 kWh)
  • The following 5 kWp (5 to to 10 kWp) are entitled to 5 CV / MWh of green electricity (1 CV every time the system produce 200 kWh)
  • The following 240 kWp (10 kWp to 250 kWp) are entitled to 4 CV / MWh under certain conditions

The necessary conditions to obtain 4 CV / MWh for the portion of power from 10 to 250 kWp are:

  • 50% of self-consumption by the producer on the production facility on a quarterly basis.
  • An energy audit of facilities that may be supplied with electricity by the photovoltaic panels must be done by a board approved company. This audit must demonstrate that a cogeneration unit is not feasible in technical terms or does not guarantee a payback on investment of less than 5 years.
  • The photovoltaic power generation couldn?t have support investment in more than 50% of the cost of the investment.