Solar tracker

The STTS 25 Solar Tracker STTS 25.


A solar tracker maintains optimum panel orientation relative to the sun. The optimal orientation maximizes the production of electricity from the solar panels. A solar tracker can increase the production of electricity compared to fixed panels, about 25%. A fixed solar system located in Belgium produce up to 800 kWh / kWp in the best conditions. A solar tracker will produce up to 1050 kWh / kWp.


Our solar tracker has two degrees of freedom: a horizontal rotation to adjust the azimuth and a vertical rotation for tilt. The horizontal rotation aloud to track the movement of the sun throughout the day. The vertical rotation enables to track the seasonal variation of the sun.

The orientation of the solar tracker


Our solar tracker automatically tracks the sun according to the daily declination of the sun (east to west) throughout the day. This orientation takes place every 10 minutes via an electric motor.

    • The solar tracker facility includes:

    • PV panels
    • Structure
    • The inverter
    • The detection system and orientation
    • The electrical connection
    • The receipt by a certified body
    • Benefits

    • Increased production by 25% compared to a fixed installation facing south.
    • Can be installed without roof or roof misdirected.
    • Compactness thanks to High Performance.
    • TVA à 6%
    • Installation for professionals

      With our solar tracker:

    • You provide the image of a conscious ecology and environment company.
    • You get talked about your company.
    • You invest in the future with a guaranteed return.